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The traveling office

2013-05-17 06:04:20 by serenekitchen

I think one of the perks of being an artist is that anywhere can be your office desk with technology making everything portable and connected. Obviously the first starting point would be your home then public spaces such as libraries or shared creative spaces if you afford it. There is also the cafe where it's sort of understood that you pay rent by coffees and a good/awkward conversation with the staff but can you go farther than that?

Are artist buskers essentially the ultimate form of having the "traveling" office? Would it be cool to have a suitcase that transforms into a mini all-in-one office? Imagine placing that office where it would be most convenient for you, in a park, museum, the corridor of a busy office space or under a bridge just because you can. Can you still do your work then?

The traveling office

Happy Mothers Day!

2013-05-12 00:15:17 by serenekitchen

I did this for my mom's cooking album competition for her supermachine "the thermomix". okay it was a digital version but i gave the original to her. Was a lot of fun working with watercolours and just not caring where the colour to create a more rustic feel.

Happy Mothers Day!

gives very pretty effects but damn, its a hard medium. Once you fuck up, you fuck up. Coloured pencil bookmarks as gifts and also as practise for colour penciling

Colouring in Colour Pencil SUCKS

Almost there!

2013-04-18 06:06:09 by serenekitchen

am a bit undecided with the lack of usual detail that i would put in into the ink work. Perhaps it will change with colour?

Almost there!

New work coming up soon!!!! WEeeeeee


Sorry for the haitus

2013-03-24 02:26:26 by serenekitchen

I think the apology is mostly for my "artist" self as i've been indulging my explorer self with old world adventures. Things will be back to normal in 2 weeks! gonna try drawing for another threadless submission and make more stuff related to stationary. You guys shall see it first anyways

its good to be back!

Honeycombed Trap

2013-02-11 18:56:56 by serenekitchen

Would you rather be free in a desert or a prisoner in a paradise? I've been researching quite a bit in comfort and its sinister side for a while now, its always on my mind. The problem with comfort i feel is that, it puts you in a state of paralysis in a way, there is no point in growing, no point in changing anything because why break what is no broken right?

I think as a creative individual, art can only be produced, well "good" art, when there is strife, a story to be told, even if it is the monotony of a routine lifestyle or the eeriness of the pacified community not seeing a point in doing anything at all. With comfort, i feel, one is blind to see this.

Of course, i may just be sour graping

The collector of beauty

2013-01-28 04:19:11 by serenekitchen

how did star signs affect you? For me, it managed to get me over my fear of water after my first drowning experience because i told myself i was an aquarius and what aquarius does not love water? I actually found out that i was a Taurus after years of being misinformed. I absorbed the characteristics of what was meant to be a taurean, Being a stubborn mofo and trying to be as creative as possible. One particular characteristic that i found kind of disturbing was for taureans to be a "collector of beauty".

Now for starters, I can get quite overwhelmed by the simple beauty of nature, a full moon and etc, thats quite normal and in the style of romantiscm but its the people aspect that i find alarming. Every now and again, i'll meet someone that has a niched attractiveness whether it be physical, personality or talent that is uncommon. Then the curiousity kicks in and like a cat, i just want to play with that unusualness and immerse myself in that beauty. The problem i have in it is that I fear that my interaction will tamper with that beauty, that it will become normal and then as any ethereal thing, disappear.

The seasons of Human emotion

2013-01-21 07:12:28 by serenekitchen

I do believe that i suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, my productivity in summer compared to Winter varies so dramatically that sometimes i feel that i need to move back to a sunnier part of the world but at last i love Melbourne too much, you abusive bugger! Maybe its because most of the tv shows i like comes out in winter and makes it even worse for me to be productive, compounded by looking like a dust bunny, sitting in an isolated corner and trying to do work is not very motivating.

Then comes summer, with it only being night for a good 6 hours, all the indie boys are out with their fixie bikes and oooooooo Ice coffees. So much stimulus and bam! away we go with that pen and paper and you wonder why you have felt so down just a couple of months ago. What changed? Sometimes i think that you need to extreme downs in order to achieve a very successful up. Lower the standards, higher the results right? I do wonder sometimes how things would be for me if everything was just kept constant...but i think i'll just go crazy first from the boredom.


Phew! That was a crazy marathon of just drawing, colouring, scanning and uploading! I don't really know why i actually decided to do all three drawings simultaneously when my usual self would just put it up one by one, wait for constructive criticism and then take that into account when doing the rest. Perhaps i thought that was best for continuity or maybe i just wanted to treat myself as a production machine. *shrugs*

Anyway, this is my portrait of melbourne. The alleyways and the mixture of old and new architecture was my muse and so was the beautiful coffee shops that were in it when i was getting inspired and taking pictures for this. Do you feel like that of your city if you live in one?

zombieing serene