The traveling office

2013-05-17 06:04:20 by serenekitchen

I think one of the perks of being an artist is that anywhere can be your office desk with technology making everything portable and connected. Obviously the first starting point would be your home then public spaces such as libraries or shared creative spaces if you afford it. There is also the cafe where it's sort of understood that you pay rent by coffees and a good/awkward conversation with the staff but can you go farther than that?

Are artist buskers essentially the ultimate form of having the "traveling" office? Would it be cool to have a suitcase that transforms into a mini all-in-one office? Imagine placing that office where it would be most convenient for you, in a park, museum, the corridor of a busy office space or under a bridge just because you can. Can you still do your work then?

The traveling office


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