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Bad handwriting

2013-07-24 22:23:50 by serenekitchen

I've recently asked a bunch of friends to write down a sentence to see how their handwriting was like because Damn! with technology, it's kinda a rare occurance anyway. So what was the result? Really illegible handwriting! Its interesting to know that studies have shown that you can actually lose writing as a skill if you don't practice it enough. So is it really fair to say that you can tell how a person's personality is like through their handwriting when it hasn't been use because it becoming obsolete?

Bad handwriting

So like errr... a lil bit of self promotion here. Boom boom girls are a finalist in the fluevog creative advert competition and it would be poor of me if i didn't do some marketing right? So yeah please help vote! de/fc_finalists.php


The most epic sandwich

2013-07-04 21:30:00 by serenekitchen

nope, i'm not talking about bacon deep fried spam chocolate sandwich with double cream mayonnaise on top. I'm talking about a super strong tasting one with all my favourite preserves:

1. sourdough bread
2. Century Egg salad
3. Kim Chi leaves
4. Vegemite spread
5. Natto Filling
6. wasabi spread

I wonder whether i would still have tastebuds after eating that....

Way back when i first joined Newgrounds, I had a goal to make a flash game but what happened in the end was a very long ongoing project that gave birth to itself, spiralling out of control with it's need for research and depth. It took me years to wonder why it went on the way it did, with no completion in sight and with no obvious benefits.

After looking at my research now with older eyes, i realised that it was just my means to decode urban life with images. This project will come to fruition soon.

Hindsight needs to be a superpower

(Half of) Nesting in winter is up for scoring!

2013-06-18 04:43:16 by serenekitchen

Chicks and Tits man...totally gonna get me some of that~~
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(Half of) Nesting in winter is up for scoring!

Purple book influenced- god i am sleepy!

sneak peak of gothic departure

dun dun DUNNNNNNN!!!! And the new blog skin is here! so much css and puzzle solving and procrastinating with CLOP (have any of you guys finished it?). It was surpisingly easier than i expected it to be, all the answers i needed was in the first google results page and stuff.

check it out and let me know whatcha think...or not --> here

And its here! new blog skin!

Blog skin on the way!

2013-05-30 07:35:22 by serenekitchen

I've been meaning to create a "uniformed" look for my blog and portfolio website and so far have only done so with one of them (haha you can guess which one). Anyway i decided that it should be fun and slightly claustaphobic cause ya know, i like that shit. I'm totally inspired by gemma correll's website for this one!

Sneak peak of an unfinished header!

Blog skin on the way!

The purple book

2013-05-27 03:26:21 by serenekitchen

I'm really in love with this book at the moment called "the purple book". It has many illustrators i admire and many others with similar aesthetics of sexuality, art nouveau and gothic arts. Have any of you heard of it? The most annoying thing about it is that you can't have a look see in most of the book stores here because its covered in plastic, such a tease. It is a very beautiful book anyway

The purple book

If you liked my latest drawing and would like it on a greeting card, please help vote for it on threadless! If it makes it, i'll do a giveaway of it!! :)
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