Almost there!

2013-04-18 06:06:09 by serenekitchen

am a bit undecided with the lack of usual detail that i would put in into the ink work. Perhaps it will change with colour?

Almost there!


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2013-04-18 11:28:25

Ayo! Thats some damn nice art you gots there

serenekitchen responds:

hahaha thanks, hopefully the end product would be good


2013-04-19 09:12:51

That's so boss, I had no idea you actually did real ink drawings, your art reminds of my favourite comic book artists work Guido Crepax.

I might need to get you to do some stuff for my home office at some point, hopefully stuff with naked girls and their surreal free flowing hair :)

serenekitchen responds:

yeah! most of my naked girls are done in ink, i need to feel them curves on paper :)


2013-04-25 17:27:59

Looking good!

serenekitchen responds:

thanks man :)