Colouring in Colour Pencil SUCKS

2013-04-29 06:27:49 by serenekitchen

gives very pretty effects but damn, its a hard medium. Once you fuck up, you fuck up. Coloured pencil bookmarks as gifts and also as practise for colour penciling

Colouring in Colour Pencil SUCKS


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2013-04-29 10:46:05

If the price is right

serenekitchen responds:

lol trick question


2013-05-02 13:41:17

No white? That's some pretty amazing art considering it's all manual though, specially the hair. Right one. I've been drawing birthday cards every once in a while for a couple of decades now, the classic motives of cake/balloons/text keep evolving. :)

serenekitchen responds:

haha this aren't birthday cards but i would always put glitter and ribbons for these ladies. check out marco mazzonis work for someone who really knows how to use colour pencil