The collector of beauty

2013-01-28 04:19:11 by serenekitchen

how did star signs affect you? For me, it managed to get me over my fear of water after my first drowning experience because i told myself i was an aquarius and what aquarius does not love water? I actually found out that i was a Taurus after years of being misinformed. I absorbed the characteristics of what was meant to be a taurean, Being a stubborn mofo and trying to be as creative as possible. One particular characteristic that i found kind of disturbing was for taureans to be a "collector of beauty".

Now for starters, I can get quite overwhelmed by the simple beauty of nature, a full moon and etc, thats quite normal and in the style of romantiscm but its the people aspect that i find alarming. Every now and again, i'll meet someone that has a niched attractiveness whether it be physical, personality or talent that is uncommon. Then the curiousity kicks in and like a cat, i just want to play with that unusualness and immerse myself in that beauty. The problem i have in it is that I fear that my interaction will tamper with that beauty, that it will become normal and then as any ethereal thing, disappear.


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2013-02-02 13:35:00

Sometimes we have very definite things, or rather think we know everything your poem is interesting ....
I think I digress ... I think
Anyway it is a good poem

Sorry my English is regular, have a great day.

serenekitchen responds:

thank you for liking it, i think i personally can't deal with definite things