Honeycombed Trap

2013-02-11 18:56:56 by serenekitchen

Would you rather be free in a desert or a prisoner in a paradise? I've been researching quite a bit in comfort and its sinister side for a while now, its always on my mind. The problem with comfort i feel is that, it puts you in a state of paralysis in a way, there is no point in growing, no point in changing anything because why break what is no broken right?

I think as a creative individual, art can only be produced, well "good" art, when there is strife, a story to be told, even if it is the monotony of a routine lifestyle or the eeriness of the pacified community not seeing a point in doing anything at all. With comfort, i feel, one is blind to see this.

Of course, i may just be sour graping


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