Hindsight needs to be a superpower

2013-06-22 03:14:09 by serenekitchen

Way back when i first joined Newgrounds, I had a goal to make a flash game but what happened in the end was a very long ongoing project that gave birth to itself, spiralling out of control with it's need for research and depth. It took me years to wonder why it went on the way it did, with no completion in sight and with no obvious benefits.

After looking at my research now with older eyes, i realised that it was just my means to decode urban life with images. This project will come to fruition soon.

Hindsight needs to be a superpower


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2013-06-24 16:28:46

Nice tumblr site, very tasteful and attractive! So, you're trying to meld the urban and natural world together... I can see why that would take a fair bit of research! But when it comes to actually making the game, you'll program it yourself?

serenekitchen responds:

I'll see how it goes, if it gets too complicated I would need external help.