The most epic sandwich

2013-07-04 21:30:00 by serenekitchen

nope, i'm not talking about bacon deep fried spam chocolate sandwich with double cream mayonnaise on top. I'm talking about a super strong tasting one with all my favourite preserves:

1. sourdough bread
2. Century Egg salad
3. Kim Chi leaves
4. Vegemite spread
5. Natto Filling
6. wasabi spread

I wonder whether i would still have tastebuds after eating that....


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2013-07-13 13:43:14

Our tastes in foods could not be farther apart, however I admire your passion.

Scarf it down and come back with the deets!

(I suppose I should just leave this in a review, but...) In your recent upload I really love the ability to see inside houses/buildings from a viewpoint you normally wouldn't be able. Also judging from your art+profile pic you seem to enjoy giving birds human heads. I'm quite curious as to your explanation. You obviously admire beauty, perhaps you consider flight a desirable trait?


take care!

serenekitchen responds:

Well what I admire about the most is nature's ability to create extraordinary animals for harsh environments and how easy it is to destroy the balance. But what happens if they are way ahead of us already? Do we not see it because we expect exoticness to happen elsewhere and not in the obvious?