Bad handwriting

2013-07-24 22:23:50 by serenekitchen

I've recently asked a bunch of friends to write down a sentence to see how their handwriting was like because Damn! with technology, it's kinda a rare occurance anyway. So what was the result? Really illegible handwriting! Its interesting to know that studies have shown that you can actually lose writing as a skill if you don't practice it enough. So is it really fair to say that you can tell how a person's personality is like through their handwriting when it hasn't been use because it becoming obsolete?

Bad handwriting


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2013-07-25 21:11:20

Looks like you just woke up and tried writing down what you dreamt about.
Ah, that personalty/handwriting thing is crap, like reading palms and head-bumps. There might be some small truths to it all, but any past definitions just wouldn't translate well into the 21st century, I'm sure....

serenekitchen responds:

I agree with it being more like fluff science but it makes for a great party trick! I do palm reading all the time but its more like reading the gullibity of the person haha


2013-07-27 08:06:53

My handwriting hit third grade level and never improved from there.

serenekitchen responds:

thank god for personalised fonts!


2013-07-28 05:50:55

Yeah, but I guess the old ways still hold, if it weren't for fate and cancerific chemicals in our lives :\

Ever try one of those handwriting, fortune telling machines, for a quarter or 50 cent? Had one down at the Jersey shore, was animatronic and all, just like that early Tom Hanks flick.... results were bunk tho

(Updated ) serenekitchen responds:

Nah, have nvr seen one of those only the love machine ones. All I got was cold fish


2013-07-28 20:20:06

Oh, you mean the one where you squeeze a handle, the lights go up and you get a little card, purporting to tell you how randy you are.... guess it's meant for couples.

I used to work at a big arcade not that long ago. Used to love the punching-bag meter-thing.... Used to embarrass bigger guys by beating their score :) Was hard work keeping that place going, so I was rather fit then.


2013-08-09 09:29:23

Man this really hit home for me

Since leaving high school I rarely write anything, i memorize or type and shit does it show

I'm actually embarrassed when I need to sign something, maybe I should practice... just seems like a waste with how infrequent I need the skill

serenekitchen responds:

try online courses in penmanship, its kinda outdated but it gives interesting advice :)