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Comic book test panel

2014-01-15 23:28:25 by serenekitchen


Influenced by sam alden, comic book art is pretty fun!


Merry Xmas and happy boxing day! Its kinda hard to do work when everyone is in a holiday mood and overeating. These past few years have been an eye opener of how non- religious families take on xmas and my goodness, its a very weird tradition of gift giving and the opening of presents in front of everyone. Very very weird.

Just mimicking james jean's prada mural - that fucking genius!

Fucking around with graphite

So lately i've been on artist holiday which means that I'm just drawing whatever i feel like instead of working on the craft just because i don't have much juice left. As part of my guilty pleasure and also for variety sake, drawing bishonens have been on the rise and is highly enjoyable! I love artists like and jo chen and try to recreate it as closely as possible.

Today, however, i've decided to do some live drawing at a cafe that i swear only hires indie guys. The ratio of women working in there is around 1:15 (not that i'm complaining or anything). Now i don't really "do" life drawing and i realised just look like a major creep! i feel like i should put a disclaimer saying " i'm not flirting! i just think that your cheek bones are quite exquisite and that you would pair up nicely with a possesive corporate seme". Ah Life

The unfortunate life of a fujoshi

Man oh man! October is almost ending and Spring is nowhere to be found here in the southern hemisphere. Due to whatever pressure system and climate change, the weather has been severely pmsing...bad. I'm talking about raining, hailing, sunshine and raining whilst sunny in a span of 10 mins. Usually at this time of year, its hayfever but since its pretty unpredictable, flu season is also in the mix!

Its all good though because october is the month of monsters! Have you been to a zombie shuffle in your town? Anyway new artwork is coming up and its been one i've been planning for months so i'm excited and trying not to throw it out the window yet. As a treat in the halloween spirit, here was what i wore to the zombie shuffle!

Can you help me find Spring?

If any of you are in Melbourne town, come down to the exhibition where my work may be at ha ha, yeah i have yet to produce something for it lol. Yeah extra points if you can identify me, I'll be wearing red lipstick. Just say "Candy crush is addictive!" and i'll give you a puzzled look for confirmation

An Exhibition i may be in hur hur

Handtype love

2013-10-02 03:54:44 by serenekitchen

Wow, just watched Blue Jasmine and it has left me in a hard mess because its kinda nerve-wrecking to watch. Bleh. Anyway i don't think i'll put this work in the arts portal but i'm kinda happy with the outcome. Let me know what you think!

Handtype love

Yeah everybody prefers the gap teether but here is a funny story! One of the first comics i've read was archie comics and then on my primary school spare time, i made a comic book featuring a boy who was in school with many "hot" girls with names like miss purple and miss red etc. I made sure it was kept in my SECRET place ( my not so obvious drawer) so i can touch up on it before I would share it with friends. Then my nanny found out about it, had a lecture about how the content was inappropriate and threw it out. What do you think the moral of the story is?

THERE WASN'T ENOUGH HOT GUYS IN IT!!!! (jokes, i think she was just disturbed that a 6 yr kid was drawing "porn")

Sneak Peak of purple and blue

Art art art

2013-08-27 02:28:32 by serenekitchen

If all goes well there will be a bunch of new artworks coming up your newground feed from me! If all goes well. Here is one of the looks i'm trying to achieve for one of them :)

Art art art

Potent Pee

2013-08-18 03:35:47 by serenekitchen

Peeing in a cup isn't my favourite thing in the world to do as i believe that my pee should go on a tree, fresh water streams, salty oceans or an A star hotel which i'm not even staying at. Using my knowledge that i've gathered from the internet i believe that in my next health check i shall raise it up a notch! here's the formula:

1. Bargain hunt multivitamins to take to make pee more expensive
2. Eat Asparagus and coffee to make it super pungent!
3. Eat beetroots and rhubarb to turn pee to a bright fuschia pink! how cute!

Speaking of pee, have you guys tried that typing game by studio holey wow? mr owl teaches typing or something? Its quite fun under the premise that it will improve your writing skill...not too sure about anger management though.

Potent Pee