Can you help me find Spring?

2013-10-26 20:55:43 by serenekitchen

Man oh man! October is almost ending and Spring is nowhere to be found here in the southern hemisphere. Due to whatever pressure system and climate change, the weather has been severely pmsing...bad. I'm talking about raining, hailing, sunshine and raining whilst sunny in a span of 10 mins. Usually at this time of year, its hayfever but since its pretty unpredictable, flu season is also in the mix!

Its all good though because october is the month of monsters! Have you been to a zombie shuffle in your town? Anyway new artwork is coming up and its been one i've been planning for months so i'm excited and trying not to throw it out the window yet. As a treat in the halloween spirit, here was what i wore to the zombie shuffle!

Can you help me find Spring?


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2013-10-27 02:14:15

South of the equator, seasonal hiccups? A zombie prehensile tail? Bodes well for your upcoming art :3

serenekitchen responds:

hahahah yes yes no all is what it seems