Sneak Peak of purple and blue

2013-09-11 04:43:39 by serenekitchen

Yeah everybody prefers the gap teether but here is a funny story! One of the first comics i've read was archie comics and then on my primary school spare time, i made a comic book featuring a boy who was in school with many "hot" girls with names like miss purple and miss red etc. I made sure it was kept in my SECRET place ( my not so obvious drawer) so i can touch up on it before I would share it with friends. Then my nanny found out about it, had a lecture about how the content was inappropriate and threw it out. What do you think the moral of the story is?

THERE WASN'T ENOUGH HOT GUYS IN IT!!!! (jokes, i think she was just disturbed that a 6 yr kid was drawing "porn")

Sneak Peak of purple and blue


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2013-09-12 04:46:22

Huh, so, who's the boy, Blue? Looks great so far!

serenekitchen responds:

haha the boy didn't matter! the girls did :P Miss purple and miss blue. thanks for the compliment btw