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Potent Pee

Posted by serenekitchen - August 18th, 2013

Peeing in a cup isn't my favourite thing in the world to do as i believe that my pee should go on a tree, fresh water streams, salty oceans or an A star hotel which i'm not even staying at. Using my knowledge that i've gathered from the internet i believe that in my next health check i shall raise it up a notch! here's the formula:

1. Bargain hunt multivitamins to take to make pee more expensive
2. Eat Asparagus and coffee to make it super pungent!
3. Eat beetroots and rhubarb to turn pee to a bright fuschia pink! how cute!

Speaking of pee, have you guys tried that typing game by studio holey wow? mr owl teaches typing or something? Its quite fun under the premise that it will improve your writing skill...not too sure about anger management though.

Potent Pee

Comments (3)

No, dunno of an owl-teaching-typing-game, do you have a link or reference to it?
I've written my full name in the snow before, which is 6 syllables long! Too much hot chocolate.

Health testing, not for illegal drugs? What do they scan the whizz for? Hope it's worth the price...

http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2013/08/16/icarus-proudbottom-is-the-new-hot-thing-in-video-game-typing-aides/ <--- click click! as for the pee, its usually to test for diabetes or salt levels, terribly boring!

Nah, not boring... just passed a nasty kidney stone last month, kinda runs in the family :p Thank Gob for pharmaceutical painkillers, saved me a trip to the ER and a boatload of cash.

As for this beast http://www.holywowstudios.com/teachestyping/ hmm. Been at it for over 30 years, still have to look at the keyboard. I'll keep the game open for a while.... seems pleasantly ludicrous.

Gosh, that's rather disgusting. Looks like watery jam.

Strangely enough, I just uploaded a song called, &quot;Just Sit Down To Pee&quot; and thought, when you go to the doctor, take a seat and explain it's the norm now.

yum, just add some gelatine and that would be a reality!