The unfortunate life of a fujoshi

2013-11-04 02:15:14 by serenekitchen

So lately i've been on artist holiday which means that I'm just drawing whatever i feel like instead of working on the craft just because i don't have much juice left. As part of my guilty pleasure and also for variety sake, drawing bishonens have been on the rise and is highly enjoyable! I love artists like and jo chen and try to recreate it as closely as possible.

Today, however, i've decided to do some live drawing at a cafe that i swear only hires indie guys. The ratio of women working in there is around 1:15 (not that i'm complaining or anything). Now i don't really "do" life drawing and i realised just look like a major creep! i feel like i should put a disclaimer saying " i'm not flirting! i just think that your cheek bones are quite exquisite and that you would pair up nicely with a possesive corporate seme". Ah Life

The unfortunate life of a fujoshi


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2013-11-05 09:04:12

At least that upper portrait could imaginably be female... not my genre, but the sketches are great!

serenekitchen responds:

Aw thanks! hopefully you'll see the dark side soon hehehe