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Hey guys,

"Sweets n Tits" will be taking part and be for sale at the 9x5 exhibtion happening this friday, Nov 13th. Its going to be at the gallery at Abbottsford convent and will have works from super seasoned illustrators. Come down for some yummy white rabbit beer (free), awesome art (free) and snacks (free). See you guys there!

Facebook event page link:

Sweets n Treats,



Hey guys,

Been really busy making some art for my first solo exhibition based off sewer princesses series of 2012/13. Please come if you guys are in melbourne!



Jasmine milk tea,


Masterclass ideas

2015-05-22 03:38:03 by serenekitchen


Just a couple of ideas of what I would do for the masterclasses for Redbubble if I get the artist residency. Please help vote sasha and serene!




2015-05-19 06:14:28 by serenekitchen



Yumm! Mt Redbubble cake! Please remember to vote ~

My artist studio

2015-05-17 07:46:30 by serenekitchen


Have you guys ever played an oujia board or the spirit of the coin?It was a really popular game for school kids to play but there was always a risk that you’ll get possess. 
This is a sneak peak of my Studio Space if I get the Redbubble residency! I wonder what Sasha has planned for hers. You can vote everyday and please vote Sasha and Serene!

Serenekitchen artist desk

2015-05-16 11:09:00 by serenekitchen


My Artist Desk: I genuinely work in the kitchen because its the only room that sees the sun. Sneak peak of what to expect if I get the #redbubble residency hehe ;) Please vote for me and sasha!

Shortlisted for the Redbubble residency and I need your help!

2015-05-15 05:49:38 by serenekitchen


Hi guys, Long time no see! Its been a crazy year so far and crazier still because I got shortlisted for the Redbubble Residency but I need your help! Its down to 10 applicants and I would love it if you would vote for I (Serene Lau) and Sasha (she's a crazy illustrator - Here is the link:

I and sasha will be posting up different things on Facebook and Instagram (@serenekitchen and @hellotomato) to reward you guys each day!


Hearts and pigeon farts,


Censorship of the internet

2014-08-11 03:45:10 by serenekitchen

Since a few years ago, i've been playing with the idea of the traveling workspace - to have everything that you need to work and then like a mongolian nomad, live without a trace and move on. Now with all these trending things like "wifi" park and old school community spaces, i've encountered one problem...Censorship! WADAFAK! Newgrounds - censored, Gossip websites (yes i need to read shit when i shit) - censored, Torrent websites however not censored. Who is in charge of this thing???? Oh well, thank god for smartphone hotspots


Giant Toys for the entire community to enjoy!

Weird holiday memory

2014-05-13 05:12:11 by serenekitchen


where did the giants go?