Censorship of the internet

2014-08-11 03:45:10 by serenekitchen

Since a few years ago, i've been playing with the idea of the traveling workspace - to have everything that you need to work and then like a mongolian nomad, live without a trace and move on. Now with all these trending things like "wifi" park and old school community spaces, i've encountered one problem...Censorship! WADAFAK! Newgrounds - censored, Gossip websites (yes i need to read shit when i shit) - censored, Torrent websites however not censored. Who is in charge of this thing???? Oh well, thank god for smartphone hotspots


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2014-08-11 05:29:48

The way I look at it, adults gift kids with things, and it's their responsibility to control what they see and hear, much like the government is doing for us feral humans... I like families, I don't trust the government to do it (parenting/censoring) for us. I guess that's why there's a darknet being used underneath the internet :\