Shortlisted for the Redbubble residency and I need your help!

2015-05-15 05:49:38 by serenekitchen


Hi guys, Long time no see! Its been a crazy year so far and crazier still because I got shortlisted for the Redbubble Residency but I need your help! Its down to 10 applicants and I would love it if you would vote for I (Serene Lau) and Sasha (she's a crazy illustrator - Here is the link:

I and sasha will be posting up different things on Facebook and Instagram (@serenekitchen and @hellotomato) to reward you guys each day!


Hearts and pigeon farts,



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2015-05-16 03:43:03

Voted... though I think you should make a new post each day (or nearly) with the above links listed, until voting has concluded... or just respond to this comment tomorrow for another vote ;)

serenekitchen responds:

Haha thanks for ur vote! Yes I'll be posting something different today as well!