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An Exhibition i may be in hur hur

2013-10-03 03:52:34 by serenekitchen

If any of you are in Melbourne town, come down to the exhibition where my work may be at ha ha, yeah i have yet to produce something for it lol. Yeah extra points if you can identify me, I'll be wearing red lipstick. Just say "Candy crush is addictive!" and i'll give you a puzzled look for confirmation

An Exhibition i may be in hur hur


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2013-10-03 05:39:16

Other side of the planet, I'm afraid, but I do wish you a smashing good time, and a couple of bucks too!

serenekitchen responds:

i have a feeling its a conservative bunch of peeps lol


2013-10-03 07:22:51

That's eh... a long drive from Sweden. :P Have fun!

serenekitchen responds:

thanks! i'll post some pictures up


2013-10-03 22:15:59

Your style of illustration is certainly dignified and creative enough to appeal to all kinds... now get to work :)